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PregNancy™ Together — Brochures and More!

The Children's Oral Health Institute is pleased to offer to families everywhere our newly developed PregNancy™ Together health education brochure. Through the dedicated commitment of the contributing health experts and the generous sponsorship of Crest Oral B both the comprehensive online brochure and the synopsized print version brochure are made available for your reading and learning pleasure. We hope you enjoy this essential content delivered through this exclusively designed product to help pregnant parents appreciate the impact their own health can have on the growth and development of their unborn baby. The topics discussed can have a profound effect on the developing teeth of a fetus. We hope you will be enticed to learn more. Be sure to ask your dentist and physician(s) questions about the interprofessional information shared in this PregNancy™ Together brochure, including:

PregNancy Together: Teeth to Toes™

  1. PregNancy, Healthy Eating & Baby’s Developing Teeth
  2. YourPregNancy & Dental Health Maintenance
  3. PregNancy, Dental Health, Diabetes, & Pre-eclampsia
  4. PregNancy, Oral Health & Human Papilloma Virus
  5. PregNancy & Periodontal Health
  6. PregNancy & Postpartum Depression
  7. Medications, Breastfeeding &PregNancy
  8. PregNancy & Foot and Ankle Health
  9. PregNancy, Dental Health and Male Fertility
  10. Post PregNancy & Your Infants New Teeth
  11. Oral Body Art &PregNancy

PregNancy is hopeful many more women will be encouraged to pursue this invaluable “teeth to toes” health care information during the journey to motherhood.

Tri-Fold (Print) Version

PregNancy Together Tri-fold Brochure

Tri-Fold Brochure (pdf) »

Online Expanded Version

PregNancy Together Online Version

Comprehensive Brochure (pdf) »

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