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Banking on Bright Smiles Saving for Bright Futures

The Brushtime Bunny has been given away as part of the Harbor Bank “Banking on Bright Smiles” initiative. Because February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and the Easter holiday comes soon after, the bank supports the benefits of the dental health care initiative. Beginning in February, anyone who opens a savings account for a minor with a minimum of $100.00 received a Brushtime Bunny. Saving coins in the bunny is fun and educational for kids. This local bank is helping to encourage good oral hygiene for all children through this special promotion. For locations and additional information call 410-528-1800 or 888-833-7920.

The Brushtime Bunny is a dental care products delivery aide designed to address brush time barriers and provide the motivation to keep children brushing. From the carrot carrying case, which holds a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and provides a rinse cup, to its dental hygiene song and Mylar mirror, the Brushtime Bunny is a child-friendly product that was developed to motivate children to brush regularly.

Download a copy of the Banking on Bright Smiles poster »

Banking on Bright Smiles poster