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Pediatric and Other Dental Courses to Help Oral Health Care Providers Creatively Engage Children and Advance the Profession

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Tips, Techniques, and Technologies: Expanding On Your Knowledge to Treat Children

“Tips, Techniques, & Technologies: Expanding On Your Knowledge to Treat Children”






Communicating With Kids In The Dental Environment: Child-Friendly Dialogue & Awesome Distractions©  

Tour of Duty: A Roadmap To Oral Health Advocacy For The Classroom

To Treat Or Not To Treat: Beyond Just The Oral Diagnosis©

To Prophy Or Not To Prophy: It’s About More Than The Hygiene Appointment©

Nothing Is Etched In Stone: Grassroots Behavior Management Techniques For The Pediatric Dental Patient©

Not On The First Visit: Knowing How And When To Engage The Pediatric Dental Patient©

Insightful Knowledge, Sensitive Solutions: The Values Of Getting To Know Your Pediatric Dental Patient A Little Better At Every Visit©

Telling It Like It Is: Empowering Chart Documentation In The Pediatric Dental Population©

No Second Chances: Ways To Finish The Dental Procedure When All You Have Is One Opportunity To Get The Job Done©

Unmatched Positive Reinforcement For The Pediatric Dental Patient: Buzz Words That Get You Over©

Managing The Two-In-One Patient Phenomenon: A Reality In The World Of Children’s Oral Health Care©

You Make The Call: Initial Examination, Prophy, Fluoride, Consultation Or Referral? ©

How You Can Make A Difference: A Roadmap To Oral Health Advocacy©

Poised To Promote: Corporate Etiquette and Political Advocacy In Dentistry©

Helping To Heal: Understanding How Pediatric Dentists Can Impact Oral Health Poverty©