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About COHI

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Father and sonWho We Are…

The Children’s Oral Health Institute (COHI) is a 501(c)3 organization created to combat dental neglect and oral abuse among children. Our goal is to improve the attitudes and behavior of children and families on a variety of oral health issues through early health promotion and disease prevention education.

The COHI Aims to…

  • Improve preventive dental education outreach and public awareness
  • Conduct research projects and clinical studies in pediatric dentistry
  • Provide various, independent studies regarding dental treatment for children
  • Serve as a national children’s oral health information center
  • Encourage, support and evaluate innovative ideas, products and programs in oral health services delivery to children

Our Effect on the Community...

The Children's Oral Health Institute seeks to bring to the forefront major concerns regarding our children's oral health care needs. We continuously strive to improve and implement methods to answer these needs. Through community outreach and research we endeavor to broaden public awareness of dental neglect and share the promise of dental medicine.

Mom and kidsThe COHI works with the community to form community partnerships between:
businesses • elected officials • government agencies • private agencies • educational institutions • dentists and physicians • physical and mental health services • religious institutions • civic organizations • individuals

Our focus is to ensure that children become better educated about the importance of oral health.



Our Programs Include...

A comprehensive range of outreach programs developed for the professional community and the general public including:

  • Community events targeting children and parents focusing on dental health
  • Dental health education aides, materials and programs
  • Oral health research

Our programs are created to ensure that parents and professionals are equipped to do a remarkable job at improving the oral health care of children!

Our Success Depends Upon...

Annual financial contributions from American businesses, grants and in-kind services.

kidsThe COHI provides...

  • Expert speakers on children’s oral health issues, including radio reports on current issues surrounding oral health and it’s links to overall health.
  • Public Service Announcements targeting parents about the benefits of good oral health practices.
  • Public Service Announcements about the benefits of nutrition and diet on oral health.
  • Educational materials targeting children and good oral health practices.
  • Community events targeting good oral health practices for children, including “Project Healthy Easter Basket”, “Project Healthy Halloween”, etc.
  • Community speaker and demonstrator focusing on making dental activities fun for children.

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