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Lessons in a Lunch Box®Lessons in a Lunch Box®

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Lesson Guide Download “A Five-Day Lesson Guide For Teachers©” »

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Braille, Deaf, ASL

Lunch boxes are now available in braille. Please allow 6 weeks between the time you register for Lessons in a Lunch Box® and the date when you plan to present the program.

Individuals with hearing limitations can view this instructional ASL video.

In response to the numerous health and behavioral issues seen in children with dental caries, Pediatric Dentist and CEO of the COHI, Winifred Booker, created the “Lessons In A Lunch Box: Healthy Teeth Essentials & Facts About Snacks” program to ensure teachers, parents and children are all working together to help eliminate this potentially deadly, yet completely preventable, disease. “Tooth decay remains the most common chronic disease of children ages five to seventeen. No child should be at-risk of dying from complications arising from dental caries, when all it takes is education and preventative maintenance to keep children’s teeth healthy,” said Dr. Booker.

The oral health literacy program was fine-tuned with the energizing support and constructive deliberations from Dr. Michele Dozier, Director of Operations, Dr. Leslie Grant, Director of Advocacy & Outreach, Mrs. Sherry H. Senter, Education Resource Consultant and Board member, Ms. Shannon Paige. The Lessons In a Lunch Box: Healthy Teeth Essentials & Facts About Snacks program is designed to empower… and more. Grant funding obtained by the COHI will afford close to 5,000 Baltimore City Public School children the educational lunch box during the 2008 school year.

We have Crest + Oral B to thank for featuring the course found at their site. Just type in 456 to take “Improving Oral Health Literacy: Teaching Primary School Students through the Lessons in a Lunch Box Program” and download your CE certificate.

Volunteer with Lessons in a Lunch Box®

Package lunchboxes
Transport supplies
Copy materials
Make presentations
Make phone calls
Organize other volunteers
Please e-mail us (name, email address, contact number) in order to be added to our contact list. We will email you when there are volunteer opportunities available.

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Program Description Download a full description of the “Lessons in a Lunch Box” program »

A Five-Day Lesson Guide for Teachers Click to review and download “A Five-Day Lesson Guide For Teachers©” »

Play-by-Play Outline Presenting the Lessons In A Lunch Box Program: A Play-by-Play Outline »


Lessons in a Lunchbox Lesson PlanIntroduce the Lessons In A Lunch Box program to elementary school children via your dental school.

The following steps are necessary to bring Lessons In A Lunch Box to your dental school. Please click on each numbered link below to download the appropriate forms in pdf format.

Download a Zip archive of all forms here »

  1. Sign up online HERE, OR complete the Program Registration Form (pdf) and send via mail to 9199 Reisterstown Rd., Suite 203 A, Owings Mills, MD 21117 or email to
  1. Partner your Dental School/School of Dental Hygiene with an Elementary School.
  1. Draft a Letter of Engagement (doc) to be sent to the Elementary School principal or health education coordinator. Include a description of the Lessons In A Lunch Box program.
  1. Provide the memo (pdf) to the Principal of Chief Academic Officer allowing all students in grades 1 through 3 to receive a lunch box and dental hygiene carrot case, which includes a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. Return to The Children's Oral Health Institute.
  1. Today, many schools address securing photograph releases for all of their students at the beginning of each new school year. Therefore, it may not be necessary for you to repeat the process. If there is a release needed, please contact The Children's Oral Health Institute or you may consider the attached document (pdf).

    We encourage you to take pictures and to write a press release or article documenting your presentation. You may wish to engage your public relations department or local media. Link to the Lessons in a Lunch Box program media kit by going to and click on eMedia LIAL. (or download the eMedia LIAL kit by clicking HERE.) The electronic Media Kit Folder will include useful press release templates, bullet point description of the program and more. The Children's Oral Health Institute would like to include your photographs and write ups as part of our annual At-A-Glance Report.
  1. *Provide each classroom teacher with an educator survey (pdf) on the day you and your students present Lessons In A Lunch Box. The survey is to be completed within 4 to 8 weeks after the program has been presented to the students.
  1. Provide a Volunteer Service Documentation Form (pdf) to dental students and other volunteers.
  1. *Dental students should complete a program Pre-test (pdf) and Post-test (pdf) .
  1. The teachers should be asked to send to you, your dental school and or your organization a thank you note or letter to acknowledge all of the volunteers. Have a sample thank you letter available to provide to the teachers.

*The Children’s Oral Health Institute appreciates the willingness of the dental school dean  or program coordinator to assist us with the collection of this important data by returning the forms to 9199 Reisterstown Road, Suite 203A, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117 or emailing them to

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