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COHI Press Release Archive

Press Release 10/21/14 The Children’s Oral Health Institute and Crest + Oral-B Collaborate to offer Oral Health Literacy Training »

Press Release 3/11/14 Academy of General Dentistry Foundation and The Children’s Oral Health Institute to Partner »

Press Release 10/2/13 Lessons In A Lunch Box to reach 20,000 Children in 2014 »

Press Release 3/29/13 Oral Health Education-Certification and Monitoring Legislation A Process of Due Diligence »

Press Release 11/30/12 Lessons in a Lunch Box Program Reaches 15,000 Children »

Press Release 11/4/12 Positive Reception for Oral Health Education Paradigm »

Press Release 5/22/12 Oral Health Advocates March Into May Jubilant »

Press Release 12/9/11 Mississippi Schools Acknowledge Oral Health Education Resources »

Press Release 12/8/11 Lessons In A Lunch Box Program To Reach 15,000 Children By 2012 »

Press Release 12/5/11 Platform of the 88th National Dental Association President To Include A Focus on Oral Health Education »

Press Release 11/18/11 Code Red: The Oral Health Crisis In Your Classroom© Initiative Introduced Nationally »

Press Release 8/15/11 Name Revision for Oral Health Nonprofit to Reflect Global Outreach »

Press Release 4/11/11 National Oral Health Literacy Campaign Unveiled At Baltimore Elementary/Middle School »

Press Release 3/30/10 The Maryland Children’s Oral Health Institute Launches Oral Health Initiative for Schools »

Press Release 8/3/10 Oral Health Initiative Continues Expansion Reaching 10,000 Children Nationally »

Press Release 7/13/10 Dental and Medical Organizations Appeal for Oral Health Care Benefits for Adults »

Press Release 3/7/10 30 Days & 30 Nights: Why Dental Medicine
Must Be Included In Health Care Reform »

Press Release 3/1/10 Dental Health Month Celebrations Focus On Oral Health Literacy Initiative »

Press Release 1/9/10 Local Dentists, Dental Students and The Links, Incorporated Volunteer To Package Thousands of Lunch Boxes »

Press Release 12/23/09 “Operation Healthy Holiday Stocking” Just In Time For The Season »

Press Release 10/31/09 Dentists Support School Supply Drive and Literacy Festival on Halloween »

Press Release 11/18/08 “I Brush, You Brush, We Brush” Initiative Celebrates American Education Week »

Press Release 10/31/08 The Ideal Treat Presented by Meharry Dental Students on Halloween »

Press Release 10/31/08 Dentists Get Toothbrushes to More than 8,000 Elementary School Children In Time for Halloween »

Press Release 10/15/08 Meharry Dental Students to Present Lessons In a Lunch Box Program at Local Elementary School »

Press Release 10/1/08 Maryland Dentists Recommend Oral Health Curriculum »

Press Release 10/1/08 MDS & MSDA Plan “Project Healthy Halloween” Initiative »

Press Release 9/30/08 Students Receive Captivating Lunch Boxes at Blue Ribbon Celebration (Cecil Elementary) »

Press Release 9/11/08 Lessons in a Lunch Box Program Introduced Nationally »

Press Release 4/23/08 School-based Dental Health Program Completes First Year Adored by Elementary School Children »

Press Release 4/18/08 Goal Of Delivering 3000 Lunch Boxes to Maryland School Children Surpassed »

Press Release 3/31/08 Dental School Leaders Show Enthusiastic Response for MCOHI's Innovative Approach »

Press Release 3/14/08 Dental Students Excited to Volunteer Support for Elementary School Oral Health Program »

Press Release 2/28/08 Lessons In a Lunch Box Educational Program Teaches Children to Practice
Good Dental Hygiene »

Press Release 1/18/08 Lessons In a Lunch Box Receives Jubilant Reception »