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Code Red: Click to view Code Red as an online bookCode Red Comments

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~ “I wholeheartedly recommend Code Red: The Oral Health Crisis in Your Classroom because it conveys age-specific messages designed to empower school children to make healthy decisions regarding their oral hygiene and dietary behaviors. It also informs teachers that oral health is important for overall health and that oral health education can be an integral part of the curriculum. I congratulate the Maryland Children's Oral Health Institute once again for developing an innovative strategy to ameliorate the oral health crisis that exists for low-income families in this country.”

Dr. Harry Goodman
Director, Office of Oral Health
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

~ “The important value of providing oral health education in the classroom will translate into future cost savings and healthier, happy citizens with improved health literacy. Americans will have a lot to smile about when the lessons like those found in Code Red: The Oral Health Crisis in Your Classroom© Empowering the Teacher to Teach Oral Health Education — A Curriculum Resource Reference are taught to the captive audiences of our children.”

Dr. Leo Rouse
Dean, Howard University College of Dentistry

~ “Code Red: The Oral Health Crisis in Your Classroom will lead to greater recognition of the important relationship between prevention education and good oral health. This invaluable booklet, developed to help teachers coalesce oral health lessons into routine classroom instruction will as well serve as a practical and readily available resource.”

*Dr. Leslie E. Grant
Past President, National Dental Association

~ “The Code Red: The Oral Health Crisis in Your Classroom initiative offers the opportunity for physicians, dentists and teachers to collaborate on better educating children about the connection between their oral health and general health. This initiative will help to raise awareness about the need to provide classroom instruction to children about good oral hygiene, good nutrition and regular dental visits in order to prevent tooth decay and other diseases.”

Dr. Michael LeNoir
CEO, Ethnic Health America Network
Director, Bay Area Multicultural Clinical Research and Prevention Center
President, Ethnic Health Institute, Summit Medical Center

~ “It is of vital importance to remedy the oral health crisis in our classrooms if America is to expect a complete reduction in the numbers of high school dropouts, an increase in high school graduation rates and more youth bound for college. Code Red: The Oral Health Crisis in Your Classroom is an essential step in the right direction.”

Dr. Winifred J. Booker
CEO & Director of Development, The Children’s Oral Health Institute

~ “The right to good oral health is a basic human right. “Code Red: The Oral Crisis in Your Classroom”, integrates the basics tools to produce a healthier body and beneficial lifestyle habits for our children and their future. This information is important, as it helps teachers to recognize the oral symptoms that could ultimately save lives.”

Dr. Brian J. Swann
Clinical Instructor, Harvard University School of Dental Medicine

~ “Code Red: The Oral Health Crisis in Your Classroom is an initiative that has great potential as an aide in the war to eradicate oral health disease. The Colgate Palmolive Company takes much pride in this type of grassroots program which focus on efforts to improve the lives of school children and their families.”

Dr. Marsha Butler
Vice President, Global Oral Health and Professional Relations
Colgate Palmolive Company